Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3Delight for 3ds Max 2 released

So, I haven't updated much, right?
Well, if you are a 3ds Max user and want to try 3delight, check this out:

3Delight for 3ds Max is a fully integrated rendering plug-in for Autodesk® 3ds Max® 3D Animation Software. It achieve seamless integration into 3ds Max. The most important benefits are:
  • Simple yet powerful feature set.  A departure from currently available solutions.
  • Multi-Light feature and Light Mixer for interactive, real-time, re-lighting. Multi-Light output includes separate channels for both environment and incandescence.
  • Multi-channel EXR and Deep EXR (EXR 2.0) support for tight integration in compositing software such as Nuke.
  • Out-of-the-box support for OpenVDB and Massive.
  • Robust support for AOVs with an intuitive UI and workflow.
  • Seamless rendering of Motion Blur and Depth of Field without the usual extreme slowdowns and quality issues.
  • 3Delight's high-quality rendering of fine displacements and infinitely smooth subdivion surfaces.
  • Rendering doesn't freeze 3ds Max user interface.
Among the long list of features in 3Delight for 3ds Max, you will find support for:
  • Complete support for the 3ds Max rendering workflow, including Active Shade,  Particles, Materials, Layers, Fur, etc…
  • Support for V-Ray shaders for easy scene porting.
  • Easy to use physically plausible material allows for rendering of large variety of surfaces, including coated and translucent surfaces with subsurface scattering and skin.
  • Supports a complete list of AOVs.
  • i-Display flip book for light mixing, advanced image viewing, exploring and organization.
  • Outlining support.

And a few videos here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

spReticle for Maya 2015 Ext 1 / Linux


La Hija de Moctezuma

Despues de mucho tiempo que se terminaron los efectos visuales, se estrena "La Hija de Moctezuma", con la India Maria. Y despues de eso, creo que un making of :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

3Delight for Maya 7.0.28 ya esta disponible!

Ha pasado un rato desde la ultima actualizacion a este blog, pero aun no esta muerto :)

Desde hace unos dias esta disponible la version mas reciente de 3Delight for Maya y 3Delight Studio Pro y entre las mejoras, esta la integracion con Maya, ya que los materiales de 3delight  tienen un swatch (que puede ser esfera o un modelo mas complejo). En la proxima version (ya disponible para clientes), tambien hay un preview en hypershade:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

3Delight for Maya 7.0 released!

DNA Research Announces "3Delight for Maya 7.0"
With advanced path-tracing algorithm, IPR support and tight Maya integration.

Singapore – October 2nd, 2013 – DNA Research announces 3Delight for Maya 7.0, the latest major evolution of our fully integrated rendering plug-in for Autodesk Maya. This new release introduces a new path-tracing technology that gives substantial speed improvements and allows for new features such as IPR and high quality image based lighting. This release also improves user-friendliness through a simplified UI and workflow. A set of physically based materials is provided to help create beautiful imagery.

Highlights of version 7.0
  • Rendering Optimizations and Quality - New path-tracing algorithm is x5 to x10 times faster than previous technology and renders images of higher quality. Image based lighting now relies to multiple-importance sampling techniques to rapidly converge to noise-free images.
  • A new Render Globals and Render Pass UI - The user interface has been improved and many options simplified. Maya Render Globals are now tightly integrated with the 3Delight for Maya passes system.
  • Standard Physically Based Materials - A new dual-layer material, as well as skin and glass materials are provided to capture a variety of looks and surfaces.
  • IPR Support - Interactive Preview Rendering is supported for light, camera and material attributes modifications. IPR uses the new path-tracing algorithm.
  • Better Support of the Render View - Renders to Maya’s Render View are done in “background” so that artists can continue working on their Maya sessions while rendering.
  • Deep EXR Support - Renders can be saved as “deep images” and imported into Nuke for advanced 3D compositing.
  • Improved i-display - A much improved image viewing tool - that also serves as a rendering flip book - now boasts a thumbnail view and a “Contact Sheet” viewing mode.
More details about 3Delight for Maya 7.0 are available in the release notes.

You can download the free license (now with 4 cores) from this link

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

3Delight for Softimage 4 release

DNA Research Announces "3Delight for Softimage 4.0"
With new path tracing technology and interactive re-lighting

Singapore – September 23rd, 2013 – DNA Research announces the release of 3Delight for Softimage 4.0, a major evolution of our fully integrated renderer for Autodesk ® Softimage 3D animation software for visual effects and games production. Building on top of an already solid base, this new version introduces a new, blazingly fast, path tracing technology which allows for real time re­lighting operations. Combined with a simplified workflow, new physically plausible materials and many additional features, including multi­channel EXR support, polygonal aperture for depth of field, new ­sharper­ subsurface algorithm and an easy procedure to add custom materials.

Highlights of 3Delight for Softimage 4.0
  • New Path Tracing Technology ­ Alongside our production­proven REYES technology, we now provide a new exceptionally fast path tracing rendering technology. The algorithm allows for extremely fast multi­bounce global illumination as well much improved performance on high­complexity scenes.

  • Re­lighting ­ Modifications to lights, materials and cameras are immediately visible in the render region. Progressive rendering allows for rapid iterations for lighting artists and for look development.

  • Performance ­ This new version is at least ten times faster than previous releases. Memory consumption has been greatly reduced and 3Delight for Softimage is much more responsive overall.

  • Physically Plausible Materials ­ We include easy to use and physically plausible materials along with this release. The materials can simulate a large variety of surfaces, including coated surfaces, skin, glass and surfaces with subsurface scattering. A minimal set of parameters still allow the modeling of a variety of different materials while staying very artist­friendly.

  • High­end quality, speed and robustness ­ Built on top of a production proven and pioneering render engine, 3Delight for Softimage will bring years of film rendering experience to VFX studios.

More details about 3Delight for Softimage 4.0 are available at the Overview and Features pages from the 3Delight website.

Download link