Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So, has been weeks since the last update, right? That's why I'm just posting a small update:

There is an update (and alpha version) of Miarmy. This time, what makes me wet my panties is the procedural support when rendering with 3delight - also vray support and mental ray proxies. You can download it from the new webpage here: http://www.basefount.com/home  but of course is not the only new thing (but that what's I do mostly).

This one is from another test using only simple actions and transitions.. really cool and hopefully with newer versions we will see a better response from physx.

Finally and related to the procedural thing, just take a look on the changelog from 3delight for maya : http://www.3delight.com/en/modules/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=3delight_for_maya_changelog (hint: want to load your sdl files and connect maya nodes to them?)

Also, how about some Castlevania?

That's all for now, believe me, I want to finish the posts that are getting old in 'Draft' section, I will do as soon as I can.