Saturday, December 12, 2009

3Delight thread! @

Voy a tratar de hacer algunos tutoriales para 3Delight for Maya. Mi intencion es que sean constantes hasta donde me sea posible. El link es y los primeros 3 son de instalacion y render basico.

Tengo algunas ideas, pero ya las pondre por alli.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

3Delight 9.0 /3Delight For Maya 5.0

Ya salio la nueva version de 3Delight!!


Descarguen de aqui:

Ya imaginaba que iba a salir estos dias, ademas de que houdini anunció también soporte para la versión 9!!

Pensaba postear un par de cosas en el ftp, pero es una mierda del tamaño de un lobo feroz >_<

Edit: Esta es la lista de cosas oficial para este release
December 2009

New Unlimited-threads License
* A new unlimited-threads license is now available for both
the 3Delight standalone renderer and the 3Delight for Maya
plug-in. Clients that purchased the 8-thread license (and
under yearly support) are automatically upgraded to
unlimited-threads. The 8-thread license will no longer be
available, but the 4-threads and 2-threads will continue to
be available at a reduced pricing.

3Delight For Maya
* Introducing RIB Fragments: a user-friendly and flexible way
of creating and managing RIB archives. This feature is
useful to accelerate re-renders.

* The display drivers UI has been improved and simplified
making it easier to manage and visualize output variables
(AOVs). "Primary Displays" and "Secondary Displays" have
been collapsed into the same UI.

* Major performance improvements to the 3Delight Relationship
Editor which make it responsive even with very large scenes.

* Improved UI in the 3Delight Relationship Editor by using
distinctive icons for different shaders and attributes.

* Added support for many useful Hypershade nodes, most
importantly: misss shaders, car paint, metallic paint,
glossy reflection and glossy refraction.

* Scene parsing optimizations reduce RIB output time by 20%.

* It is now possible to render Shave and a Haircut nodes
without loading the 3dfmShave plug-in: 3Delight for Maya
automatically uses Shave plug-in's RIB export function in
that case.

* Maya sprite particles can now be rendered as "volumes" for
correct shadowing.

* Maya fluids implementation enters a beta stage. All current
limitations are listed in the user's manual in the
Rendering Guidelines chapter.

* Added Maya 2010 support and dropped Maya 8.0 support.

3Delight Features
* Introducing multi-camera rendering. This features enables
the output of many camera views from a single render. This
functionality is especially useful for stereo rendering as
it saves rendering time.

* Improvements to point-based occlusion quality: concave
corners are rendered more accurately.

* The subsurface shadeop can proceed from a point-cloud file.
This can save a potentially costly pre-processing step when
rendering sequences.

* Billboard particles can now be rendered with a "thickness"
for correct shadow casting.

* Network caching, a feature unique to 3Delight, is now
available on Windows systems.

* Added detailed memory statistics to 3Delight to better
track memory usage.

3Delight Performance
* Improved performance of occlusion() and indirectdiffuse()
shadeops when rendering dense meshes. Speedups can reach

* Improved multi-threading performance on scenes containing
procedural geometry (such as delayed read archives).
Procedurals are now allowed to execute in parallel which
can lead to speed improvements linear to the number of
threads used.

* Accelerated point-based occlusion as it now supports the
"irradiance shadingrate". Speedups with default settings
are in the range of 200% to 300%.

* Improved multi-threading performance and memory consumption
of subsurface scattering algorithm.

* Improved deep shadow map creation performance. On large
shadow maps, performance increases linearly with the number
of cores. Temporary disk space usage during DSM creation
has been reduced three-folds.

* A new memory allocation scheme in the ray-tracer
significantly lowers memory consumption when rendering
object: only one object instance is kept in memory at any
time. This feature is enabled through a special variable.

* Improved point-cloud loading time. This has a positive
performance impact on effects such as point-based occlusion
and color bleeding.

Shader Compiler
* RSL 2.0 improvements including resizeable arrays, better
supports for shader classes and more efficient execution.

Pipeline & API
* Introducing the "VolumeTracer" API. This RSL plug-in allows
user to easily write volume renderers.

* The "Sx" shader evaluation API is now embedded with the
3Delight library (takes a single 3Delight license when

* Added "Implicit Field" plug-in support (extension to the
`RiBlobby' primitive).

* Display drivers can now access 3Delight's deep frame buffer
which provides the list of visible surfaces for each pixel

* Added new entries to the Ptc API and fixed compatibility

* `RiNuCurves' now support vertex normals.