Thursday, March 29, 2012

AtomKraft 1.1 Released

I'll quote Paolo Berto here:

Dear micropolygon shufflers.
some awesome news from Jupiter:

* AtomKraft/Nuke 1.1 has been released today.
Despite the small increment in the numbering this is a major release, with new features, huge performance improvement and lots of fixes. Please check the full version release notes for more details.

* The highly anticipated Free-as-in-BeerTM AtomKraft/Nuke 1.1 free version has been released too!
This special free version has an embedded licensing, just download, plug & play.

* We have now a new product oriented website with full info & access to many (support) resources:

One more thing: it's been emotional. 
Let us know what you think & keep pushing pixels down the pipeline!

Best Regards,
Paolo & the AtomKraft Team!

paolo berto
/*jupiter jazz*/ — visual research

Has been a slow month, right? But this deserved the new post. I am just waiting a few more days to update the blog, so stay tuned.