Thursday, October 3, 2013

3Delight for Maya 7.0 released!

DNA Research Announces "3Delight for Maya 7.0"
With advanced path-tracing algorithm, IPR support and tight Maya integration.

Singapore – October 2nd, 2013 – DNA Research announces 3Delight for Maya 7.0, the latest major evolution of our fully integrated rendering plug-in for Autodesk Maya. This new release introduces a new path-tracing technology that gives substantial speed improvements and allows for new features such as IPR and high quality image based lighting. This release also improves user-friendliness through a simplified UI and workflow. A set of physically based materials is provided to help create beautiful imagery.

Highlights of version 7.0
  • Rendering Optimizations and Quality - New path-tracing algorithm is x5 to x10 times faster than previous technology and renders images of higher quality. Image based lighting now relies to multiple-importance sampling techniques to rapidly converge to noise-free images.
  • A new Render Globals and Render Pass UI - The user interface has been improved and many options simplified. Maya Render Globals are now tightly integrated with the 3Delight for Maya passes system.
  • Standard Physically Based Materials - A new dual-layer material, as well as skin and glass materials are provided to capture a variety of looks and surfaces.
  • IPR Support - Interactive Preview Rendering is supported for light, camera and material attributes modifications. IPR uses the new path-tracing algorithm.
  • Better Support of the Render View - Renders to Maya’s Render View are done in “background” so that artists can continue working on their Maya sessions while rendering.
  • Deep EXR Support - Renders can be saved as “deep images” and imported into Nuke for advanced 3D compositing.
  • Improved i-display - A much improved image viewing tool - that also serves as a rendering flip book - now boasts a thumbnail view and a “Contact Sheet” viewing mode.
More details about 3Delight for Maya 7.0 are available in the release notes.

You can download the free license (now with 4 cores) from this link

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