Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AtomKraft | alpha channel

So, I'm rendering some scanline stuff in nuke and I thought I should take a look using AtomRender. Is a small project with some geometry but with extreme motion blur (done with vectorBlur nodes). Anyway, I create the AtomRender node, connect it instead of scanline node and... nothing. Well, there was something but wasn't complete.

This is using AtomKraft 0.9.1, by the way. From what I know, there have been lots of things fixed and this is not an issue anymore.

I tried a couple of things (like using tag nodes, atomkraft shaders, rotating st and pouring some tequila in a caballito) but nothing was giving me the same image that scanline was giving me. Since the other processes were almost finished, I had to get back to work.

This morning I tried again. the problem was: no alpha channel in the file input. Solution? add rgba a=1. -_-

Definitely looks great. And the camera motion blur is *real*.

update: Uploaded a couple of videos: wrong first and then right.

ps No, I don't like tequila but my donkey does.

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