Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AtomKraft Public Beta

The /*jupiter jazz*/ Rock & Dub band is excited to announce just few days before SIGGRAPH 2011 the immediate release of AtomKraft to the general public of the galaxy! This version is a release candidate for AtomKraft 1.0 which will then be available after SIGGRAPH. For the first time it is available on all platforms: Linux64, OSX64 and Windows64, both for Nuke 6.2 and Nuke 6.3.

Highlights for this version are support of NukeX 6.3 particles, Nuke 6.3 Displacement, our Atomic Light System™ and AtomDisplacement, all with enhanced rendering capabilities unique to AtomKraft.

Finally, after having been the first real integration of a 3rd part renderer into Nuke, AtomKraft is now also the first commercial product to provide Alembic (1.0rc) support & Cortex-VFX (6.0) integration.

To get it and read more -> http://www.jupiter-jazz.com/atomkraft-beta3

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