Friday, June 11, 2010


Check this out (thanks to Peter Shipkov).

"SOuP is a set of plug-ins that extend the procedural (and other) capabilities of Maya.
As you probably know Maya needs more (sophisticated) "live" data generators and modifiers that operate on components lists, objects groups and point attributes. This imposes a lot of limitations when doing more involving things like complex effects, advanced characters and actually quite often geometry manipulations."


elvis75k said...

it's me or this plugin doesn't work on 32 bit system? I'm on maya 2009 win 32 and can't load the plug :(

Edgar said...

Maybe it's for 64 bit maya only? Isn't specified but I'm almost sure just by looking at the other files :)

elvis75k said...

in fact, i was just looking at the header of the .ma sample scenes. If you are in talk with him already, will you please ask for a 32bit compile - I did it but no reply yet - Thanks for the info