Wednesday, May 6, 2009

3delight 8.5

Ya se dieron cuenta de que 3delight 8.5 ya esta listo para descargarse de la pagina de dna research? Al parecer esta en linea desde ayer 5 de mayo.

Que hay de nuevo? Esto es lo que viene en changes.txt, pero por lo que veo, hay nuevos sdl's - shaders.otl tambien esta incluido (no recuerdo si venia en el 8.0) - el preprocesador de C es mas rapido!

update 1: nah, el preprocesador es una basura (pero con interfaz ^_^). shaders.otl si vienen en cada release (solo que antes no me interesaba ;) ).

3delight 8.5 and 3Delight For Maya 4.5

3Delight For Maya
  • Introducing the 3Delight Relationship Editor. This new user interface replaces the now deprecated Shader Manager and Attribs Node Manager and makes it much easier to view, assign and modify 3delight shaders and attributes, in a centralized location. The usability of shader and attribute collections is substantially improved thanks to this same feature and one can inspect, for each pass and at a glance, what attributes and shaders are in effect.
  • Introducing “Pass Templates” It is now possible to save a given render pass as a template and create new passes based on existing templates.
  • A new "round edge" features enables automatic edge rounding of sharp geometric features. Using this feature, one can round edges at render time (such as a table edge) instead of performing a costly modeling-time operator.
  • Added a "dicing camera" attribute in the geometry attributes node (in the "Culling and Dicing" section). This features is useful to stabilize popping displacement during animation.
  • Updates to HyperShade:
    • The “useBackground” node is fully supported.
    • Checker node with much better anti-aliasing.
    • 3D texture nodes now use texture reference objects if these are exported.
  • Scene export has been optimized and runs twice as fast for certain scenes.
  • The following MEL bindings have been added: RiBound, RiDetail, RiDetailRange, RiOrientation and RiShadingInterpolation.

3Delight Performance
  • An overall speed increase of 20% is to be expected on all scenes thanks to SSE2 optimizations.
  • Ray-tracing speed on displaced surfaces has been substantially improved. The increase can reach tenfold with large displacement.
  • Cubic curve primitives take up to 20% less memory and can render up to 50% faster when using Ray-tracing.
  • Improved performance of RIB reading on Windows to match that of other operating systems.
  • Procedurals generated through RiProcRunProgram require much less peak memory, especially for very large primitives.

Improvements to multi-process rendering include:
  • Multi-machine rendering is fully supported on Windows platforms.
  • Baking 3D point-clouds using many machines is now possible.
  • “Ri Filters” are supported in multi-host rendering.
  • Improved behaviour with unresponsive or crashing rendering hosts.

Pipeline & API
  • Array support has been added to the Ptc API. This also means that texture3d() and bake3d() accept array parameters.
  • Helper functions have been added to the Display Driver API.

Shader Compiler
  • 3Delight now supports co-shaders (as per RSL 2.0) and completes the implementation of shader classes.

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